MOWG Session: Payment for a Full Hour of Personal Phone/Remote Assistance

Whatever you need -- we're at your service: whether you need installation assistance, or want to tackle strategy concepts, or if you are selling your first runs and need help with that client,
or you may just want us to help you create custom MOWG packages that you can use for yourself, your own clients, and to resell!

These sessions are POWERFUL. Here is a sample session (your session will never be shared with others unless we first ask you for permission and you allow it).

First, follow these instructions to view sessions:

Install the GoToMeeting Codec Here

Then you are free to watch this sample session, which Christian kindly allowed me to make available to the public ("Thanks again, Christian!"):

Christian's First Session


Whatever you need, we can do it on your computer while you watch... AND we'll record the whole session in audio/video for your later review, anytime.

Get your questions ready and prepare yourself, because we will answer your questions and take you much further along!

Ultimately, you'll save time and make your projects work fast and well, and you'll learn everything you want in order to monetize on whatever custom job you're doing.

Our experience in this industry, knowledge of the skills of the trade, and everything you need to know: we'll listen carefully to your questions, and guide you straight through the best way to get where you're going next.

Use this feature any time you have new custom project questions or you want general MOWG monetization training.

Simply make the purchase below, and contact us to schedule a time to get together... we're all yours for a full hour, to teach/show you everything you need to know, and more than you thought to ask.

You will absolutely be satisfied with the training you get for your payment, and feel free to come back for more personal training on anything we can help you with (pretty much anything in the website promotion industry).


When you hit 'Buy Now', then either login to PayPal or look for the small link to pay with a CC instead... it'll be there, on the right (down low on the page).

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Thank You for Your Support!